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Welcome To Phantom Linux

The smooth transition to Linux while keeping your favorite environment;
Simple, intuitive, secure, production-grade, full-featured, bleeding-edge, free
Made with love

Get involved and help us grow a vibrant and friendly community. It will stay with you throughout this fashinating journey

 A flexible and secure system that comes in the shape of your favorite environment, opening up the door to a ton of free open source software and non to get your everyday tasks done

This is the place where you can find wiki articles, video tutorials, and answers for any aspect of your system, so that you can make it unique and personal

Default Features

Forget Viruses

A free antivirus for your peace of mind. Updates guaranteed forever
Be Invisible With The Integrated Firewall

Nobody can detect you on the network or penetrate your defenses. You decide where to connect to and who can become aware of your presence
Connect To The World As You Wish

Out of the box network connection and Wifi: Just type in your credentials and you are set
Protect Your Sensitive Communications

Different types of VPN connection to secure your communications by default: L2tp, OpenConnect, OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, strongSwan, Vpnc (Cisco)
Nvidia Drivers Enabled

Latest Nvidia driver always installed by default and self-updating
Best Hardware Support

Phantom OS has the biggest list of supported hardware out of the box. New drivers and updates are added at once as soon as they become available
External Peripheral
Connect Any External Peripheral

USB sticks and external drives are recognized and mounted on the fly, with an icon appearing on the desktop

Connect To Any Mobile Phone, Tablet, Device

If you want to transfer images, videos, data from any mobile device (Android, iPhone, etc.), or even from any external computer, you are covered. Just plug in the USB cable and it is recognized
Huge Software Repository

Whatever you need, you are likely to find it. And if it is not enough, you can still run many Microsoft Windows™ titles via some software addons (Lutris, PlayOnLinux, Wine, etc.)
Game Ready

Enjoy your favorite Linux games or most Microsoft Windows™ games via some software addon. Steam supported
Always Up To Date

Forget waiting for patches, features that never come, intrusions, software conflicts, a solution for your unsupported hardware. Phantom OS is bleeding edge and always receives the first updates as soon as a developer publishes them

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